HR in the moment: The changing expectations and perceptions of HR

Have you had a chance to catch your breath yet? Recent events have placed huge pressure on companies to pivot and adapt to changing priorities – and HR and People leaders have been at the forefront of this.

In fact, 72% of HR leaders say the recent crisis has helped them demonstrate their value, and increase understanding of HR’s role. However, whilst the c-suite and employees agree that HR has become more influential, this has been at the expense of a bigger workload.

This was one of the starkest findings in Sage’s first research report in our ‘HR in the moment’ series, looking at changing expectations and perceptions of HR today.

Download the research report from over 1,500 HR leaders, c-suite members and employees today, to discover:

  • Why 87% of c-suite leaders believe the pandemic accelerated changes in HR
  • How over a third of employees believe HR has adapted to become more agile
  • The single biggest way 67% of HR leaders are planning to get ahead in the future
  • How HR leaders feel they fared – and how this compares to c-suite and employees views’
  • What this means for HR leaders today

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Written by HR Today

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