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    Aviation in ‘jobs death spiral’ as Norwegian cuts 1,100 jobs

    Staff at Gatwick ahead of Norwegian’s inaugural flight to Las Vegas in 2016. Photo: Norwegian Norwegian Air is to close its long-haul operations to concentrate on its short-haul network in Scandinavia, meaning around 1,100 staff at Gatwick Airport will lose their jobs. Brian Strutton, general secretary of pilot union Balpa, said the announcement was further […] More

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    Theatre staff who learned of job losses on social media win pay-out

    philip openshaw / Twenty-three former theatre employees have been awarded 90 days’ pay after they found out they were losing their jobs via a company social media post. Ex-staff at Southport Theatre and Convention Centre (STCC) in Merseyside were awarded the maximum compensation by an employment tribunal after Bliss Space (Southport), which managed the […] More

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    HR news you may have missed over Christmas

    Shutterstock With many taking a well-earned break over the festive period, you’ll be forgiven for not always keeping an eye on the developments in the HR world. Here, we bring you up to speed. Worst year for retail job losses in 25 years According to the Centre for Retail Research, almost 180,000 retail jobs were […] More

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    Employees on payrolls plummet by more than 800k

    Protesters seek government action to save hospitality jobs Ilyas Tayfun Salci / There were 819,000 fewer workers on company payrolls last month than at the start of the pandemic, with the hospitality sector accounting for a third of the decrease, according to the latest Office for National Statistics data. The number of payrolled employees […] More

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    Nearly 10k job losses expected on ‘Black Monday’

    JessicaGirvan / Almost 10,000 people are expected to be made redundant today, on what outplacement firm Randstad RiseSmart is calling ‘Black Monday’. Based on its experience of the outplacement market, it said 7 December 2020 was likely to be the worst day of the year for job losses in the UK, as many organisations […] More

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    Top 10 Covid-related claims employers could face in 2021

    Brastock/Shutterstock The Government’s furlough scheme, large-scale redundancies, safe working concerns and the rise of flexible working will have a big impact on employment tribunals for years to come. We highlight 10 employment tribunal claims related to the coronavirus pandemic that employers could face in 2021 and beyond.   1. Breach of contract when cutting furloughed […] More

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    Top 10 HR questions September 2020: Testing, Brexit and redundancy

    Shutterstock As the number of coronavirus (Covid-19) cases rose in the last month, employers have been asking questions about testing for the virus. In September’s top ten FAQs, popular questions included those on whether employers can test their workforce and if they should disclose a colleague’s positive test result. Additionally, employers are turning their attention […] More