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    Top 10 Covid-related claims employers could face in 2021

    Brastock/Shutterstock The Government’s furlough scheme, large-scale redundancies, safe working concerns and the rise of flexible working will have a big impact on employment tribunals for years to come. We highlight 10 employment tribunal claims related to the coronavirus pandemic that employers could face in 2021 and beyond.   1. Breach of contract when cutting furloughed […] More

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    Reasonable adjustments: What is reasonable in the face of Covid-19?

    Grouping people by protected characteristics could be risky for employersShutterstock The requirement to make reasonable adjustments for those with disability is a well-recognised one in HR. But the pandemic has thrown up a host of other risk factors and potential avenues for discrimination that weren’t there before. Bela Gor asks whether equality legislation is still […] More

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    One in 20 develop ‘long Covid’, with older women most at risk

    Shutterstock As many as a fifth of people who contract Covid-19 are likely to suffer symptoms for eight weeks or more – so-called ‘long Covid – with women aged between 50 and 60 at greatest risk of developing long-term, and potentially debilitating, after-effects from the virus, a study has argued. The research by Dr Claire […] More