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    ‘Aggressive’ tactics used to ditch senior execs who are working at home

    Some executives who have childcare obligations are being unfairly penalised because their work had been perceived as suffering as a result of these commitments. Shutterstock Some employers in sectors badly effected by the pandemic have resorted to aggressive tactics with the aim of cutting senior executives without proper compensation, according to a law firm specialising […] More

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    Car worker who missed 808 shifts wins unfair dismissal decision

    FotograFFF / A Jaguar Land Rover worker who was absent for 808 shifts in 20 years last month won his legal case over unfair dismissal. Birmingham employment tribunal heard that Vic Rumbold, who lived close to the Castle Bromwich plant where he worked, had cost the vehicle manufacturer £95,850 in sick pay. Employment judge […] More

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    Exercise bike entrepreneur launches unfair dismissal case

    Photo: Shutterstock (generic exercise bike, posed by model) A woman who developed a high-tech exercise bike has begun a legal case against the company she founded for unfair dismissal after claiming she was ousted because of sex discrimination. Ratna Singh, founder of Birmingham-based Integrated Health Partners, was dismissed as chief executive in October, a decision […] More

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    Top 10 Covid-related claims employers could face in 2021

    Brastock/Shutterstock The Government’s furlough scheme, large-scale redundancies, safe working concerns and the rise of flexible working will have a big impact on employment tribunals for years to come. We highlight 10 employment tribunal claims related to the coronavirus pandemic that employers could face in 2021 and beyond.   1. Breach of contract when cutting furloughed […] More

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    How should HR handle a case of domestic abuse?

    A fifth of crimes reported during the first lockdown and England and Wales involved domestic abuse, according to the ONSShutterstock With soaring rates of calls to domestic abuse helplines throughout the Covid pandemic and coverage of the Johnny Depp vs The Sun trial, it is now becoming a key issue for HR. How should HR […] More

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    Dyson staff unhappy over request to return to workplace

    Dyson Malmesbury plant, pictured a few years ago. Photo: PA Images Dyson employees have been told to return to their workplaces during the lockdown despite some telling management that they can do their jobs equally well at home. The engineering and manufacturing firm told research and development staff to return to facilities in Malmesbury and […] More

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    How to dampen the conflict tinder box in lockdown

    Workplace conflict can bubble to the surface even when working at home. Photo: Shutterstock Team spirit is under strain as winter comes on amid a new lockdown. Employers need to implement new strategies to limit the risks of growing volatility, writes David Liddle, because the old tried and tested ones just won’t do anymore. Virtual […] More

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    ‘I went to get a Covid-19 test and now I’ve lost my job’

    A queue for a Covid-19 test in Mulhouse, France. Photo: Shutterstock A French housing association has dismissed an employee after he visited his office before he had learnt the result of a coronavirus test that proved positive. HLM M2A worker Sébastien Klem, 41, argued that he had no idea he had the virus and had […] More

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    Top 10 HR questions September 2020: Testing, Brexit and redundancy

    Shutterstock As the number of coronavirus (Covid-19) cases rose in the last month, employers have been asking questions about testing for the virus. In September’s top ten FAQs, popular questions included those on whether employers can test their workforce and if they should disclose a colleague’s positive test result. Additionally, employers are turning their attention […] More