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    Gig economy: Just East offers couriers better terms

    Steven Paston/Empics Entertainment Food delivery company Just Eat has announced it will offer couriers pay by the hour rather than by per job in a boost to gig economy workers. It said the move will mean its workers will earn at least the national minimum wage, increasing the security of their income. Starting in London […] More

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    Stuart couriers seek worker status ruling

    Shutterstock A group of couriers for delivery firm Stuart have launched legal action against the company in a bid to be recognised as ‘workers’ and win the rights that come with that employment status. Law firm Leigh Day, which is representing the claimants, suggested that “thousands” could be eligible to sign up to the claim. […] More

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    Scientists surprised at construction industry Covid clusters

    The construction industry has been singled out as being a higher-than-expected source of Covid-19 outbreaks given stringent safety regulations being imposed on it. A member of the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) said yesterday (22 November) he had been “surprised” by the rates of transmission in the construction sector. Speaking on Sky’s Sophy […] More

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    Self-employment surge driven by tight jobs market

    There has also been a rise in self-employed IT professionals, according to the IFS Shutterstock There has been a surge in ‘solo’ self-employment in recent years with many people taking the option because they had lost their job and could not find alternative employment, rather than pursuing appealing business opportunities. This is according to research […] More

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    California votes to preserve Uber and Lyft drivers’ gig status

    In a ballot somewhat overshadowed by the US presidential election, which took place on the same day, California voted to exempt Uber and Lyft drivers from being classified as employees. Proposition 22 (a kind of referendum that can be brought about by writing a proposed law as a petition, and submitting it to the California attorney […] More

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    Uber sued for ‘automated’ dismissals

    Photo: Proxima Studio / Shutterstock In the first legal challenge of its kind, former Uber drivers in the UK and Portugal are suing the taxi-hailing company for using an algorithm to sack them. On behalf of four ex-Uber drivers, the App Drivers & Couriers Union (ADCU) has asked a court in Amsterdam to overrule Uber’s […] More

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    Most firms support tighter employment laws, poll finds

    Shutterstock Almost two-thirds (64%) of businesses would support tightening employment laws to prevent worker exploitation. This is according to a poll conducted by the Centre for Progressive Policy think tank, which has recommended eliminating the use of zero hours contracts; clarifying employment status in law to reflect the modern economy; and implementing a minimum wage […] More