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    Government could pay £500 to all employees testing positive

    One reported proposal is that workers self-test so they can return to work after a negative resultShutterstock The government is considering a universal payment of £500 to everyone in England who tests positive for Covid-19 and needs to self-isolate. According to a document seen by The Guardian newspaper, the Department of Health and Social Care […] More

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    No jab, no job? Six Covid vaccination questions for HR

    Peter Hermes Furian / Anna Leni / Shutterstock Last week, the owner of Pimlico Plumbers said he wouldn’t offer a job to anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated. Given that the general working population haven’t been offered the vaccination yet, his approach is somewhat premature. But, the issue of whether employers can insist that staff take […] More

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    Brexit and UK employment law

    The European Court of Justice, Luxembourg. UK courts cannot disregard ECJ decisions just because they disagree with them. Photo: Rantic00/Shutterstock Now that the UK and the EU have agreed on the position of the UK post-Brexit, HR is left wondering what this means for UK employment law in 2021 and beyond. XpertHR’s consultant editor Darren […] More

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    Pay issues, harassment and safety risks blight cleaning sector

    Shutterstock Issues with pay, dangerous working conditions and sexual harassment are ‘endemic’ in the cleaning sector, and organisations – especially client companies – should use their position of power to intervene where they believe workers are being poorly treated, a report suggests. Sixty-one per cent of cleaners polled by Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX) experienced […] More

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    January blues? How to help employees speak up

    “It’s so important not to make assumptions,” says Elaine Carnegie from BeingworksShutterstock Blue Monday might be a myth, but that doesn’t mean employees’ mental wellbeing should go off the radar, particularly with the pandemic challenges organisations continue to face. It’s well known that Blue Monday – which traditionally occurs the third week of January – […] More

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    An eighth forced into work amid Covid safety complaints

    Image: Chaz Bharj / One in eight (12%) UK employees has been ordered into work when they could have easily and more safely worked from home, despite government advice to avoid workplaces where possible. A poll commissioned by the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) found that pressure to go into work […] More

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    An HR shift for 2021: improving employee life experience

    Smart watches that alert employees to exercise times have been used by some businesses Shutterstock As the latest lockdown forces many into difficulties, one traditional purpose of HR – to only concern itself with the wellbeing of employees once they cross the office threshold – has been superseded by the need to support people in […] More

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    Call for FFP3 masks to be made available for all health workers

    Agnieszka Pas / All health and social care staff potentially in contact with Covid-19 patients should be provided with FFP3 respirators in order to mitigate the increased risks from new strains of coronavirus, an industry body has said. As little is known about how infectious new virus variants are and whether there are differences […] More

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    Lockdown screen time affecting eyesight of four in 10 staff

    Shutterstock More than four in 10 working adults believe an increase in screen time during the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a deterioration in their eyesight. This is according to a poll commissioned by charity Fight for Sight, which found 49% of respondents’ screen time had increased during the pandemic – a third of whom […] More

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    Covid-19 testing to be targeted at staff unable to work from home

    Alessia Pierdomenico / Key workers and people unable to work from home are to receive more frequent Covid-19 testing – even if they are not displaying any symptoms – under an expanded community testing programme. The Department of Health and Social Care is encouraging local authorities to target testing at people who cannot work […] More

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    BBC staff told to wear social distancing devices

    mikecphoto / BBC staff in key locations have been told they must wear ‘proximity devices’ to aid social distancing on its premises. The pager-like devices, which can be placed in a pocket or worn on a belt, buzz to alert the wearer if they have come within two metres of other people, using Bluetooth […] More

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    Safety and reward top priorities during Covid-19 recovery

    Shutterstock Employee safety, reward and recognition are set to be employers’ top areas of focus as they recover from the Covid-19 crisis and establish more digtal working practices. One of the major themes to emerge from research conducted by the Cognizant Center for the Future of Work and Oxford Economics was that employees are no […] More

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