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    State of HR – By the Numbers

    Imagine you were sitting on a panel focused on answering the big questions in the HR space.  The moderator opens the conversation with some quick statements or statistics and then turns to the questions.  The moderator calls on you first and says, “If you were to define the current state of affairs within the HR […] More

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    Remote Work Stats You Need To Know

    Remote work was inevitable.  Given the technology landscape that’s developed over the last decade or so, it was destined to become not only desirable by more employees, but required by them too.  It almost goes hand-in-hand with flexible scheduling; this desire by workers to not only work from somewhere other than an office, but to […] More

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    Day 2 Review – Talent Exchange Live

    Despite everything happening in the HR space today, talent management continues to be one of the top focuses for all human resources professionals across the globe.  Why?  Talent management as a strategy is a commitment from an organization to recruit, hire and retain the best talent and develop all employees.  But talent management isn’t a […] More