ClimatePartner heads into the new year with record growth

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Pioneer in climate action opened UK office and expands international team

15th December 2020ClimatePartner, a pioneering leader in corporate climate action, has reported record growth in 2020, expanding its international team to more than 120 and opening new offices in London and The Hague.

This growth comes as climate change has seen a dramatic increase in importance and relevance for businesses across the world. Respectively, the number of clients has now grown to more than 3,000 companies in 35 countries, among the most recent ones well-known UK brands such as Minor Figures or Mindful Chef.

The expansion of the team also brought an increased range of solutions, including renewable energy procurement services, CDP reporting and Science Based Target setting, software for carbon footprint calculations and offsetting, online ClimatePartner Academy events, and an increased focus on the reduction and avoidance of emissions.

Moritz Lehmkuhl, founder and CEO of ClimatePartner: “The clear commitment of so many companies to take on climate action motivates and drives us forward. More than three quarters of our clients have already told us they will increase their efforts to reduce their emissions in 2021. We’re taking that as a mandate to do more.”

For 2021, the company’s 15th year, the plan is to continue expanding the team and to accelerate the development of innovative software to automate calculation, reduction strategy and offsetting of carbon emissions. Also, further offices are to be opened in Paris, Stockholm, Milan and Barcelona.

The range of carbon offset projects will also be expanded next year, with a focus on reforestation and afforestation in South America, the development of more efficient cookstoves in Africa and other innovative nature-based solutions focused on carbon removal.

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